New Wheelchair Users Need To Know These Tips

As a new wheelchair user, before you choose a wheelchair, you must know that the width of the seat is very important for the wheelchair user. Due it must be in accordance with the width of the hip of the wheelchair users, for example: so if you have big hips but use a wheelchair that is too small it will feel cramped. Conversely, if you have small hips and use a wheelchair whose seat size is too wide, it will be difficult to move the wheelchair. In addition, you must also consider the depth of the seat. What is meant by the depth of the seat is the distance between the hip seat of the wheelchair user to the back of the thigh. Measurements for seat depth in a wheelchair are very important, especially the size of one side to the other must be precise, the aim is to support the weight of the wheelchair user. Additionally, perhaps you also need to use some wheelchair cushions too.

New Wheelchair Users Need To Know These Tips

Finally, you also need to think of the height of the backrest. Backrest height is generally measured starting from the seat base to a certain height. In order to be able to move freely, you must determine the height of the back, and it depends on the level of injury or disability you experience.

Apart from several considerations for choosing a wheelchair, as a new wheelchair user, you also need to know the stretch movements for wheelchair users.

There are so many kinds of muscle stretching exercises that we can do every day in a wheelchair and without having to use tools. Here will be given 7 examples of movements that can be done, and maybe you can try a few movements that will be explained briefly.

Compare Pros & Cons Wheelchair Cushions


  • A water-resistant, flame-retardant cover
  • It comes with antimicrobial covert for comfort and hygiene
  • Machine washable
  • A slip-free cover to prevent muscle pain
  • Can be fit into other chairs like transport chairs and home/office chairs


  • The seat cushion could raise you up to the 2 inches higher. Thus, it needs a wheelchair with an adjustable arm, and leg rests.


+ Upgraded Large Cushion Design
+ Super Durability and Good Elasticity
+ Good Breathability and Practicality
+ Easy Cleaning and Portable
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1. Lift one hand up then bend your elbows back, hold the elbows with one other hand and gently push backward. Repeat several times, and do the other hand.

2. Still, like the first movement, raise one hand up then bend your elbows back, hold the elbows with one other hand and slowly push to the inside. Repeat several times, and do the other hand.

3. Sit upright, bring your palms together and connect your fingers and then slowly raise both hands up with your inner hand also facing up. Hold for 10 seconds, repeat several times.

4. Handgrip on the wheel rest/side guard wheelchair, slowly turning your body to the right and left until only a few times as comfortable as you.

5. Return to an upright sitting position, then bring your palms together and hook your fingers together, slowly lift 90 degrees forward with your inner palms facing forward. Hold for 10 seconds, repeat several times.

6. Turn your body to the right then hold the elbow with one other hand and gently pull the elbow to the right several times. After that, turn to the left and repeat with the same motion several times.

7. Slowly leaning forward until the head can kiss both knees. Hold for 10 seconds then repeat slowly. If you cannot do this movement because your belly is quite big, you can skip this part.

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