There Are 3 Fun Holiday Tips For Wheelchair Users

Using a wheelchair is not something that can be used as an excuse for you not to enjoy life, so don’t forget to go on a vacation. Moreover, there are now many places and accommodations that are friendly to wheelchair users. Additionally, if you need to move your wheelchair for a long time on the tourist destination site, we recommend you to bring some wheelchair cushions during your vacation.

Here are 3 fun holiday tips for those of you who use wheelchairs:

1. Find out information about the right tourist destinations

Researching the location of a vacation is very important, especially for those of you who have limited access. Try to find out which vacation locations provide facilities for visitors who use wheelchairs.

You need to check out some official websites because usually, these sites provide complete and correct information about access for visitors with special needs.

Also, do not ever assume that as a person who uses a wheelchair, you can only enjoy a vacation in boring places. The good news, now there are many interesting vacation spots that are also friendly for wheelchair users.

2. Order travel tickets

If you decide to use public transportation, try to book tickets in advance. That way, you will feel calmer before the day of departure. Choose holiday tickets that provide facilities for those of you who use wheelchairs.

This is important because there will likely other people who need those facilities. If you procrastinate, there is a possibility that the available facilities have been booked out by other wheelchair users, so you may be forced to use the facilities for ordinary passengers or, worse, you will cancel your vacation.

Title HereCompare Pros & Cons Wheelchair Cushions


  • It has soft pockets
  • Helps to prevent pressure sores and skin breakdowns


  • The chair back (ADI) seems to extend a little too low
  • It may not prevent forward sliding movement

+ Waterproof
+ Weight Capacity : 225 lb
+ Cover Type Stretch
+ Dimension Height Relative : 175

+ Size guarantee
+ Good breathability and durability
+ Pose Correction
+ Use target
+ washable cushion


3. Choose accommodation that is comfortable for you

During holidays, accommodation is one thing that requires a lot of consideration. However, for those of you who use wheelchairs, choose safe accommodations. Try to think about what your needs are if you want to stay at an inn or hotel.

For example, you need a bed with a certain height, a toilet seat with a certain position, and much more. Considering a lot of this doesn’t mean you overdo it, but you need it to be comfortable and happy during your vacation.

4. Using the services of a travel agent

There is no harm in using travel agencies for a vacation, especially if he can help determine a suitable vacation spot for you who use a wheelchair. However, if you want to use these services, try to sort out which travel agencies that can meet your needs.

At the very least, choose a travel agent who has handled the same conditions, or does have a specialty to help people who use wheelchairs during the holidays. That way, they will better understand accommodation that suits your needs, as well as which tourist sites are right and safe, and have access to wheelchair users.

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